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Pick the right engagement ring for your man

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Yes, a man deserves to be spoilt with pampering as well and that is why the person with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life needs to wear the perfect engagement ring. When it comes to picking the engagement ring for men the struggle can be quite difficult because you need to focus on several aspects starting from their personality to this style preference and lifestyle choices which together will help you in picking the right engagement ring.


  • Simple rings: Simple engagement rings are becoming a great option because it is quite affordable. When you are making this ring make sure you are putting a lot of focus on the material of the ring. You can purchase the silver band or sleek gold and if you are looking for something that is more contemporary then you should definitely pick the titanium band which is black plated or titanium band which is brushed because this type of ring will help in giving more depth to it.


  • Modern rings: If your fiance is looking for some modern look, then you should have that black tungsten ring that is very fashionable. If you want the ring to really grab the limelight then you should opt for the carbon fiber, which will be blended with the blue, green, or red woven look. You can also pick the ring with the inlay made of carbon fiber and is also representing their desirable sports team.


  • Classic rings: If your boyfriend is into the style which is very classic and wants to wear an engagement ring with traditional style, then you can use the engagement ring that will be having gemstones on it and will showcase that timeless appeal. When you are purchasing the engagement band make sure you are putting a lot of gemstones along with diamonds like sapphires, rubies, cubic zirconia or emerald.


  • Rings which are nature inspired: When it comes to the engagement ring you can also pick some nature-friendly designs that will also help in displaying those masculine and original look. Rings which are having wood inlays are having dark and light shades and is also best for men who love to play outdoor activities like fishing and hunting.


  • Fashion rings: When it comes to picking the engagement ring for men, it’s always recommended to look into the centerpiece instead of the bands. Fashion rings are also a great choice if you want those traditional style band having the feature of Claddagh. So it will be creating a pattern where two hands will be holding the heart along with a crown which will help in symbolizing friendship, loyalty, and love.


When it comes to picking the engagement ring there are certain factors that should be kept in mind and those are the appearance, cost, durability and definitely the preference of your man. Budget is also the deciding factor. Make sure you are focusing more on the centerpiece done on the ring and do not compromise on the quality of the material otherwise you will be having the need to spend a lot on repolishing the ring again and again.