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Long term effects of methamphetamine

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Methamphetamine may be one of the most widely abused man-made stimulants. Going by names such as rock, glass, crystal meth, shards, and ice, it is a very potent and highly addictive drug. They look like small pieces of glass or rather shards and are fully transparent. Meth can either be taken through injections, snorting or smoking. Although they cause a momentary euphoria, in the long term, this stimulant can have very long-term side effects, affecting not only the normal bodily functioning but also the brain. Meth testing has revealed that those who regularly administer methamphetamine are more susceptible to health complications and long-term psychological damages. However, the most dangerous aspect still is the powerful addiction that is developed towards this stimulant, which is like a disease in itself.

Immediate effects of using methamphetamine

  • Although methamphetamine gives a strong burst of intense energy, it gradually causes restlessness and even insomnia
  • It reduces appetite, thus resulting in weight loss
  • Causes hyperthermia
  • Causes intense euphoria immediately after administration
  • It can also cause delusional brain activities such as confusion and paranoia
  • Prolonged use causes aggressiveness and irritability

The general downsides of meth abuse

The main reason for the effectiveness of methamphetamine is because it triggers the brains to rapidly release euphoric chemicals such as dopamine. This can result in increased pleasure and brain activity. However, the downside is that it inhibits the body’s natural ability to release these chemicals. To be able to naturally release dopamine and serotonin, the body takes quite a lot of time to heal itself. If the meth abuse is continued, the body’s ability to recover may even be permanently damaged.

Long term side effects on the brain

The major downside of abusing methamphetamine is that it plays havoc with the central nervous system. Meth testing reveals that the drug tampers with normal cell regeneration processes, thus causing irreversible nerve cell damages in the brain area. This can result in detrimental brain damage and erratic behavior. People who are addicted to meth also have a general tendency to be aggressive and show impulsive behavior. The drug also causes obsessive delusion and paranoia.

Other long term effects of the drug

The number of side effects caused can vary depending on the amount of methamphetamine that has been administered into the body. Some of the physical effects are immediate while others take time and are long lasting. Meth testing shows the following side effects after a long term use.

  1. Weight loss

This is one of the most immediate and very apparent effects in the aftermath. Depending on the amount of use, weight loss of up to 10 to 100 pounds is usually the standard. The process is very rapid and it can also cause dehydration and malnutrition. All of these result in a very weak immune system, thereby leaving the user very vulnerable and susceptible to diseases, infections and other health conditions.

  1. Tooth decay

The main reason for this is because methamphetamine is manufactured using harsh chemicals. Meth testing done on the users reveled that blood circulation to the gums were drastically reduced, thus causing various oral problems. In the beginning, teeth turn gray, then black and finally start to decay. This condition is also known as the meth mouth.

  1. Infection

Infections usually result from the unsanitary use of injections. Due to decreased immunity, this can finally result in blood-borne illness and severe conditions.



Factors to consider before buying a dishwasher

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Appliances that save time and effort are in high demand now. Given the fast-paced lifestyle of the present times, there is hardly time to wait while food is being cooked or the floor is being cleaned. People are looking for more options to reduce human effort and waste of time which is why appliances like dishwashers are very common in today’s household. If you do not want a fair portion of your free time is spent in cleaning those dirty dishes, this buying a dishwasher is very important.

But out of the various brands and models of dishwashers NZ available, which one would you buy? If you are buying one for the first time, then here is a guide to help you out.

Important considerations to make

  • Size – The first and foremost factor that should be considered is the size of the dishwasher. Most households would find the 24” ones most suitable. For big houses where several people stay and dine together, larger dishwashers would be more appropriate due to the huge accumulation of dishes and saucers that is likely to happen. But if your house or kitchen is quite small and there isn’t must space to accommodate the 24” ones, then 18” dishwashers NZ would be the perfect choice for you.
  • Portability – If you are someone who would want to use the dishwasher only once in a while like when you are dead tired or when you have people coming over, then it would unwise to buy a dishwasher that needs to be kept at a fixed place at all times because it’s just too heavy. You would surely want to free up space when the washer isn’t being used and for that reason, portable dishwashers NZ would be the right choice for you.
  • Dirt sensors – Not all dishes need the same level of cleaning. So, if you want your dishes to be thoroughly cleaned, you need to choose a dishwasher that comes with dirt sensors. These dirt sensors work during the initial level of cleaning to determine which dish needs to be cleaned how and thus, ensures that even the greasiest of the dishes are squeaky clean.
  • Noise – If you plan to use your dishwasher frequently or daily, this is an important factor to consider. Different models of dishwashers NZ cause different levels of noise while cleaning and the quieter it is, the better it is for you. Else, you may find cursing yourself later.
  • Energy consumptions – For frequent users, it is important that the dishwashers NZ are energy efficient. Else, you may end up spending a lot more on the energy bills than what it should be.
  • Food disposers – If you are looking for additional convenience, you may choose a dishwasher that comes with a food disposer. This will help the washer to automatically dispose of the leftover food and you needn’t waste time for throwing it out.
  • Price – The final, yet important consideration to be made is the price of the washer that you want to buy. If you are looking to use it occasionally, you may not want to pay extra for a couple of additional features. But for regular users, dishwashers NZ that provide additional useful features for extra money may be worth it.


Italian charm bracelets – what do you need to know!

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Charm bracelets have come a long way. Since their inception in the early Egyptian cultures, they have been in vogue in the society for one reason or the other. Though initially these bracelets were worn as measure of fending off evil forces and woes, they gradually became more mainstream and started being worn as trinkets to commemorate different events, incidents, moments, etc. as time passed on, these bracelets became even more popular when people started wearing them as regular jewelry that offered a personalized style statement.

It was during this time that a new type of charm bracelets was introduced in the market – the Italian charm bracelet that gradually spread to different countries of the world and became popular because of their cute and unique looks and a variety of charm designs. Though initially, these bracelets had charms like the map or flag of Italy, later they were replaced by the huge influx of beautiful designs created by the artists.


These charm bracelets were initially seen in the streets of Italy where they were not only bought by the locals, but also by tourists who visited Italy. They often liked these trinkets and bought them back to their own countries as cute souvenir jewelry. Gradually, others too started liking these bracelets and soon they were in demand in different countries across the world. Naturally, from being a local product, these Italian bracelets soon found a place in the global market and were being manufactured and sold in large quantities, both online and offline. Their demand increased so much so that even celebrities and stars started wearing them and they finally became a much-coveted jewelry item.

Materials used

Regular Italian charm bracelets are usually made of stainless steel and then coated with gold or silver as preferred. These gold or silver plated bracelets are reasonably priced in the range of $5 – $10 per bracelet. More expensive ones are usually manufactured from 18k gold and can be a valuable possession at about $50. However, if you aren’t willing to spend much, you can get cheap ones too that will cost around $3.


The size of the Italian charm bracelets is usually determined by the number of links that they have. Children usually wear bracelets with 13-15 links, women about 16-19 links and men wear 20 or more links. However, the number of links is usually customized or personalized according to the size of your wrists and you can subtract or add charm links as you need.

Buying charm bracelets

These bracelets are now quite popular and most stores, online or offline will have a huge assortment of these Italian bracelets. You can choose charms according to a particular theme or you can mix and match to create your own unique style. Since they are available in various price ranges, you wouldn’t have to worry about the budget at all and you can buy one or more to suit various outfits, occasions, events, etc. When worn right, these bracelets can make anyone look super stylish.