8 Tips to succeed in a home staging business


Want to start a new business with minimum investment?  Got creativity with a good eye on designs? Do you love to rearrange the things to make them look good? Then “Home staging business” could be one of the best options to start for you.  Though the real estate sector is booming and is always in demand, it is difficult to get one’s house sold with a fair deal during these days. There is huge competition among sellers and if one wants to sell the house, it should look appealing. The house should have something unique which will make it stand in a crowd. But generally, most of the people do not have the enough money and time to go for extensive repairs and renovations. They start looking for the help here and this is the time your creativity can pay you off.

Home staging is the process of making the home appealing for sale to the potential buyers in the real estate marketplace, helping in selling the house easily.  Home staging should not be confused with interior designing as they differ from each other. Home staging is done to prepare the house for reselling and not actually designing it for the living. One can start the low-cost start up a business of home staging. It can be run as a full time or part time business and can be operated from home.

Home staging involves rearranging the furniture, getting quick and inexpensive fixes done, using new furniture and accessories etc to give the house a new better look. It also involves improvement of backyards, garden, and porches. The skills will pay you off handsome money in this business.

Here are some tips to succeed in a home staging business:

  1. Understanding the requirement of buyers is the key to designing the best appealing houses. Be clear about the services client is looking for and plan accordingly. Few contracts need only consultation and advice whereas few require work to be done by home stagger itself.
  2. A systematic approach is must in home staging business. Set a business process system, determining the steps and sequence in which tasks are to be carried out.
  3. Use your creativity and innovation thoughts for the benefit of your client. Critically assess the space and try to use the unused, unseen gems hidden in the house. Keep learning new ideas and techniques for each new client.
  4. be a good listener and communicator. Excellent communication skills can help you succeed in this business. Networking and building relationships with the real estate agents are essential to acquire clients looking for home staggers.
  5. Expanding your networking to include residential painting companies, contractors, repair companies and furniture rental shops can help you save extra pennies. Cost effectiveness should be taken into account.
  6. Having your own or rented storage place to keep the necessities of the business such as furniture, pipes etc is a must.
  7. Always carry the portfolio of the best works you have done for previous clients. You can start doing home staging free for few of your friends and relatives during initial phase to build the portfolio.
  8. Ask your clients to review your work and document those reviews along with the testimonials from the clients. It can be used as positive references.

Finally, the most important key factors to be successful in home staging business are dedication and patience. So what are you waiting for? Time to take an action!!