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What Are The Areas Of Passive Fire Protection?

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Many might not know about passive fire protection and just how effective it can be when it comes to fire hazards. To begin from the top, Passive Fire Protection (PFP) is a term which encompasses a huge spectrum of practices and products. It refers to the materials which have been built into the various structures that surround us. This is done with the intention to prevent or slow down fire from spreading. As such, the goal of PFP involves maximizing the total time available when it comes to evaluating a property or preventing a fire from beginning in the very first place. Here’s more information about Passive Fire Protection:

What are the areas of passive fire protection?

There are four major areas:

  • Structural fire protection: This is done to ensure that the major structural components like the joint systems or the structural steel remain protected from fire effects. This is done by using fireproofing materials which include endothermic stuff like cementitious products and gypsum-based plasters, mineral wool wraps and insulation, thin-film intumescents, fireproofing cladding or building the whole structure from concrete products.


  • Compartments: This involves making use of firewalls, barriers, fire partition and smoke barriers to slow down the spread of fire. When it comes to fire barriers you can make use of fire-rated floors, walls, ceilings (made out of combination wood, concrete, gypsum and such). The walls extend right from fire rated floors to that of fire rated ceilings put above. But that’s not all as they do continue into various concealed spaces as well so that there is all-encompassing protection.


  • Opening protection: This is a method which says that fire windows and doors should be put right in an opening of a fire barrier so as to keep its fire resistance. This is because the hardware, doors and the frames all work together to form a very effective fire and smoke barrier. The fire rated glass or glazing along with framing should be fully tested when its assembly is completed. Additionally, the smoke and fire dampeners are very often thought to be “opening protection”. They also complete the fire barrier where the air ducts are able to penetrate the fire or smoke resistance structures.


  • Fire-stopping materials: These are the things which are made use of to prevent the fire from spreading through the penetrations present in a fire barrier. But if the penetration isn’t properly sealed off and protected using an appropriate fire-stop system, then the fire barrier will be less effective. As a result, the fire will spread behind the origin compartment.

Other passive fire-protection areas to pay attention to

While these are the main four areas related to PFP, but there are other areas which are worth mentioning and they involve:

  • Cable coating: It is the use of fire retardants to cable and wire.
  • Joint systems: These include changes made in the direction between the fire separating elements as well as in the spaces which surround those elements.
  • Perimeter fire barriers: These involve dealing with the whole perimeter of a floor as well as with the exterior part of the curtain-wall.

While these are effective methods but you should put in fire alarms, sprinkler systems and such with these passive fire-protection methods for more rounded protection.


What are the benefits of purchasing the toner cartridges from the same brand as the printer?

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Opting for nongenuine and cheaper printing toner cartridges have always been the habit of most of the people. This particular insignificant purchase is going to make you spend a lot of money in the long run. Most of the businesses are using the supplies of cheap printing to save a lot of money and attract a lot of potential customers.

When you will be using nongenuine toners then your machine will be suffering from lower page yielding, a machine with no longer downtown and it will cause a lot of damage to the device. So most of the people will mainly advise you to opt for the toner cartridges of the same brand as the printer.

Quality: The quality of the printing will be 70% dependent on the toner cartridges and that is why it is very important to use original and genuine toner cartridges which have been designed specifically for working with the brand of the printer. This is the reason why most of the brands are manufacturing toner cartridges which no other nongenuine companies will be able to replicate.

In this way, you will have to pay a little extra amount in order to get a decent printing quality. All the genuine toner cartridges will be tested rigorously against the industry standards. In this way, you will be experiencing operational benefits and incredible quality every time you use it. The chances of facing IT related issues or any printing quality issues will get diminished.

Value: If you use the nongenuine toner cartridges then it will drain the productivity of a company and will affect the quality of the printer and thereby increase the printing cost. Whenever you are using the genuine toner cartridges then it will promise you that it will work optimally with your printer without hampering any parts of it and will also provide manufacturing guarantees. It is true that nongenuine toner cartridges will definitely be less optimal than the genuine one and you will be seeing a significant drop in the page yield and other spectrums of printing. One should definitely look into several factors before they are taking any toner cartridges.

Sustainability: You can see that most of the ink cartridges near about it 80 million will end up in the landfill and almost few of them is biodegradable. If you purchase the genuine one then most of the time they use materials which are sustainable and they will be having a partnership with the ethical recyclers. This original toner cartridge companies have now adopted the initiatives of green business and that is why they are providing sustainable products which will be reusing the existing material for reducing the environmental impact and opting for recycling.

So these are the few factors which one should know in order to understand why original toner cartridges are much better than the nation genuine one. Toner cartridge price may vary from one company to another so make sure you are exploring each of them


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Physio Mona Vale is a term that is collectively used for a host of Physiotherapy clinics in Mona Vale. Mona Vale is an area that is situated in Northern Sydney, Australia and this area has a list of Physiotherapy clinics that offers top-notch physiotherapy treatments to both the young and the old alike.

Basically, Physiotherapy relates to the physical treatment of an individual pertaining to injuries that are consequences of accidents or any kind of physical activity, or physical ailments arising from disabilities. There are different types of Physiotherapy concerning the nature of problems a patient is facing, and Physio Mona Vale can offer you various Physiotherapy clinics that can provide you with the treatment you prefer or are looking for.

One such clinic worth mentioning is MediPhysio which is an institution that is dedicated to making the patients feel ease and prides itself on offering one to one consultation. Here, in this Physio Mona Vale clinic, every patient is important, and everyone’s need is exercised with top priority by emphasizing each case. With this one on one consultation, one can hope that the correct and the proper diagnosis, as well as prognosis, is delivered which means that the right treatment is followed soon after, which would mean that time is not wasted upon hours or days of waiting around or pondering about.

Some of the services offered in this Physio Mona Vale clinic are:

  1. Shock Wave therapy: The human body has the ability to heal itself under certain circumstances, but some injuries that are concerning the tendons can prove to be severe, and many a time, there must be some additional procedures performed to resume healing of the tendons. Tendons are tissues that connect the muscle and the bones, so an injury or a tear to the tendon can prove to be extensively painful and dangerous. Shock Wave Therapy is a process of introducing radial shockwaves or radial pressure waves, which are nothing by mechanical ultrasonic acoustic waves which are transmitted through the tissues to promote healing of the tendons. This clinic offers this treatment to help curb the severity of this anomaly.
  2. Acute Injury/Pain: There are different types of acute injury or pain depending on the location of the body. A person can experience acute injury pain or injury on the neck, lower back, shoulder, knee or the hips. It can also arise from sporting injuries as well. Depending on that, the trained physiotherapist available in the clinic will study the acuteness of your pain or injury and will supply a suitable treatment to the respective patient.
  3. Chronic Pain: If a person is suffering from any type of pain in the body, then it is safe to say that the person is suffering from chronic pain. When pain becomes chronic, it means that the pain is already settled in the body and it can only be eliminated by an extreme course of action. It can also arise from the nerves or the nervous system, so it can prove to be very painful to the patient. This clinic offers physiotherapists that have a lifelong experience of working with chronic pain by offering the right course of treatment with the diagnosis.

The Physio Mona Vale clinic boasts of customers walking away fulfilled and satisfied with the treatment provided.

Property management companies Auckland

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From the year 1992, Auckland’s property management companies have specialized in managing the commercial, residential and the body corporate companies all over New Zealand’s capital city, Auckland.

From the year 1992, Auckland’s property management companies have done their best to provide great management services as well as excellent customer service to all its clients.

There are numerous property management companies etched all over the city of Auckland. these property management companies are all responsible for delivering you the best they can regarding all kinds of business and commercial properties.

Facilities and benefits provided by property management companies of Auckland

If you are there in Auckland and need to settle down, move in a new house, wish to purchase a property for some reasons, for investment or wish to buy a property for business, you must contact the property management companies of Auckland.

You must reach to a good property management company and they will offer you the best of their services. They will help you in all ways whether you want an appraisal for your rental, or you wish to look for tenants they will help you.

These property management companies will also help you with their full property management service which includes all kinds of queries or advice which you may need from them.

Property management companies are not only for those who are in search of buying a property, in fact, they are also known for helping landlords. Any issues which the landlords are facing regarding the people living at their place, regarding the plumbing or any other fault, it is the property management company of Auckland which can help them.

Why should you use a property manager?

If you own a residential property, it can have great benefits for you. However, it can also be stressful as well as take up a lot of time as there are great procedures which you have to follow.

This is the reason that you should have a property manager or property management expert who can take care of your investment. A good property manager will make sure to look after your investment and you can just sit and relax. You can be a hundred per cent sure that your property is safe and that it is not in the wrong hands.

If you have multiple properties or even one along with other work, it can be quite time-consuming to look after your properties. It is best to hire a good property manager in Auckland who can do the job for you.

The property manager will make sure that the property is safe and secure and will look after it. The property manager will also check out for much better rental rates and look out for you to get you the maximum rent.

You can not do all this which is why it is best if you hire a property manager to do all these jobs for you. It is best if you leave the administration and day to day issues to the property managers!

Glass pool fencing- go for the safest way

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A glass pool fencing is one of the best solutions to provide safety from the outdoor area which surrounds the pool. Putting a glass fence around the pool is a safe, strong and a low maintenance way in order to protect your family without ruining the view of the pool.

Since the view is not ruined, it is better if we put glass fence around the pool so that your family and especially small children remain safe.

Things to consider when you design your glass pool fence

In order to design your glass pool fence, you need to decide properly about it. There are a few things about which you need to consider. They are:

  • Legal requirements: before installing the glass pool fence, you need to call the pool fence regulations which are located in your local area. You need to ask them whether the design of the glass pool fence which you select can be applied upon or not.
  • Layout: once you have installed your glass pool fence you cannot remove it. This is why you need to think properly before getting it installed. You cannot do anything later if you regret your choice or if the glass pool fence is too big for the area. So think wisely before doing it.
  • Gate position: you have to decide how many gates do you want. You need to decide where to enter and exit from. If the shower room is nearby to the pool, then you definitely need an exit gate from the pool.
  • Fixing method: you need to decide upon the support system of the glass inside the ground. You can either use spigots so that the glass is supported inside or make use of slotted tubes or even glass clamps.

The advantages of glass pool fencing

It might be a little bit costly, but glass pool fences have some real benefits. A few of the benefits include;

  1. Safety is proven

Glass pool fences are made to keep the small children safe. If you are inside the pool and your children are small and outside, you can keep a very close eye on them through the glass pool fence.

  1. Clear views

All the activities are visible from the glass pool fence. The glass is clear and visible so you will have no problem enjoying the scenery. You can enjoy the whole scenario which is happening outside the pool.

  1. Custom designs

Glass pool fences are designed to enhance the value of your property. You can decide which kind of design you want and then get your customized glass pool fence.

  1. Maintenance free: Since the glass pool fence is made with tempered glass, the only kind of maintenance is to keep the glass clean. However, these glass pool fences are completely resistant to corrosive environments and dirt. These glass pool fences are so perfect that they last for a long time probably a lifetime unlike iron, mesh fences and traditional wood.




Boat trailers for sale

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Commercial boat trailers are hydraulic boat trailers are used by boatyards, marinas, boat dealers, boat haulers, and boat builders.  The commercial boat trailers are not used as storage for the boat. Noncommercial boat trailers are generally used by the boat owners, and it is used for boat storage.

The noncommercial boat trails are two types, one is “Roll-on” also called as a Roller style trailer that contains polyurethane and rubber rollers that make the loading and launching easy. The other one is “Glide-path”, which is also known as a Float-on style trailer that makes the boat float on the trailer. ¾ of the trailer is submerged in the water and on that the boat floats.  From the beginning of the launching of non-Glide-Path has become very popular than the Roll-on.

Buying a boat trailer in Auckland is one of the best options as it has the best and reputable boat trailer manufacturers.  A high-quality Boat Trailers contains high-standard components, including frame, axles, tires, hubs, rollers, bearing, and lights.  Some good-quality trailer also contains the best trailer brake system. Each part in a trailer is very important and that is why it needs constant services and routine inspections to avoid severe damage.

In Auckland, you can find any type of a trailer, including a sailboat trailer, towing, Jet Ski, V-Hull boat, catamaran, pontoon boats or skiffs.  The road trailer that comes with high loading capacity and robots built.  To hold the meticulous motor and hull specifications and also offering ease in launching and loading on the onset.

If you want to buy a trailer, then it is necessary to note the overall weight of the boat, including all machinery, equipment, and tools on board. Some makers do not provide the wet weight in their specifications list. So, before buying, you should include items as engine fuel, water, batteries, and other item placed on board.  A tandem or twin axle trailer is the perfect option for boats that are about 3,500 pounds or more.

You should check the available information at the boat manufacturers about the twin axle, Triaxle, or single axle and ask for helpful advice about the model of the boat. Each brand-name trailer offers outstanding support and you can also get help from the experts. Find the suitable model for your needs and you should make sure that the trailer can fit your boat perfectly.

The boat trailer that contains rollers is easy to operate in the places like shallow ramps or tidal variance.  People who are frequent travelers like free moving roller trailers, as these trailers are very convenient to load and unload the things. The bunk trailers are designed for the boat and they come with adjustable fitting with an easy process.

Also, it is important to find a closer maintenance service so that you can get your trailer maintenance on a regular basis and you can replace the components easily if needed. After every use of the trailer makes it a habit of washing the entire trailer this will keep your trailer in good condition and rust-free.  If you take proper care you can extend the durability of the trailer for longer-period.




What the ‘monkey’ is a virtual assistant?

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Maybe you have read the 4 hour workweek by Tim Ferris or a friend has one. However, it has come to your attention be glad it has.


Virtual assistants are assistants that work away from you. Many times in another country or in a contractor role.


Having been using them for the last 8 years I can not imagine my world without them!


But with every new thing, you gain new challenges.


I thought I would pop down 3 lessons I have learned working with Virtual Assistants to help you avoid the pitfalls.



  • I want, I want, I want



Many people who talk to us about helping them hire a VA have this dream that they will solve every problem that they have for a 10th of the price they may pay someone locally (we hire team members from the Philippines).


We get requests like – I want them to have the communication skills of Oprah, the financial and detail level of Warren Buffett and if you could throw in the creativity of Michelangelo that would be grand.


I don’t want to shock you but these people don’t exist in your country let alone overseas.


Virtual assistants are not superhuman. They can’t do everything. So get defined on the role. Think of them as a team member working further away. The more defined you get with the role the better you will do.


  1. They Solve Problems & Create Problems


Virtual Assistants will solve a lot of problems. Mine sit in my inbox and respond to people, set my calendar appointments and pretty much-run parts of my business without me. It is great. It has cleared a bunch of problems!


But when this tip hit me was reading the book – ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F$&%’ by Mark Madsen. He talks about how life is only about problems. At no point do you get somewhere in life and go ‘WOW I did it – I have no problems!’


Life is about getting better problems. The problems you actually want.


Think of a VA as a way of helping you improve your problems not get rid of them. Expectations being wrongly set would be my 1 biggest tip. You end up throwing work at an assistant who does not know you from a banana. Then blame them for not being able to do it.


That is just plain stupid. You wouldn’t do that to someone locally unless they were a $150k earner so why would you do it to a $9,000 a year team member.


  1. Think Slow, Start Slow


This feels like my mantra. When I first started out with my very first assistant working virtually. I used to be a wild animal. Sending poor worded briefs, that got misunderstood, then I would just do the work as no one could do it better than me.


I believe we live in a world with 3 key styles – Control / Delegation / Abdication


Many small business owners live in this world of control, where they have to be the centre of attention and things must flow through them. Maybe it is a fear of brand damage or maybe just ego.


When they get a virtual assistant they quickly move straight to Abdication. Not even knowingly.


They want the VA to just take the pain away so they hand it off hoping the assistant will ask questions if they are unsure. But VA’s especially from the Philippines don’t always ask. They want to try and get it right.  


They are usually under trained as the entrepreneur is not skilled at this so when something does not work they revert to control and blame… shortly followed by justification.


The trick here is Delegation. As a leader, it is your job to make people feel safe. It is the most important. By abdicating you are not making them feel safe, by whipping tasks back from them again not safe. Delegation is about giving them support, guidelines and clarity so they feel safe.


They also feel safe if they make a mistake. This lesson is not only true with Virtual Assistants but also local team members.




Virtual assistants are amazing. But make sure you go in with the right expectations for them and yourself. Think slower, take time with them and you will see the working relationship flourish. Mix in a bit of time and you won’t know how you lived without them.

Vet Care

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Vet Care in Auckland offers the most trusted pet care services and very popular in Auckland. The Vet Cares service is located conveniently in the center of the city and it offers services to the surrounding areas, including Ponsonby, Sandringham, Mt Albert, and other surrounding areas.

The Vet Care offers dedicated pet care services and its motto is to provide the best services to the general public with the top quality veterinary care for their loving pets. The vet care offers the best, experienced, and the most talented veterinarians and they give the best possible pet treatments when you bring your pet for the treatment. They provide perfect solutions for any complex cases and produce best results. They provide the complete range of veterinary care, including consultation, health checks, tests, and vaccinations. Also, they check dentistry, x-rays, orthopedic surgery, and soft tissue.

They also have an in-house lab where they can run blood tests and get the results with half an hour.  The friendly environment and team make the pet feel at home and make them feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. Also, the Vet Care contains big and air-conditioned cattery, and also they provide bathing and grooming options for your pets.  The main aim of the Vet Care is to give the top priority to your pet’s well-being and health.

For all your pets’ diet and healthcare requirements, you can choose the best vet care services that offer the friendly environment and experienced staff to provide proper care for your pet.

The Vet Care Services include:

  • Consultations
  • Vaccinations ATT (Antibody Titre Tests)
  • Vaccinations
  • Preventive Care
  • Wellness Screening
  • Endoscopy, including flexible endoscopy, rigid endoscopy
  • Dental surgeries, Polishing, and Scaling (including guinea, rabbit pig dentistry)
  • Surgeries, including sterilization surgeries, keyhole laparoscopy surgeries
  • Acupuncture
  • Committed anesthetic observing for Sedation procedures and GA.
  • Skin allergy Investigations
  • Pre-export health checks
  • After Hours emergency consultations
  • House calls

Consultation: Your pet will get the best medical treatment with professional veterinarians. The vet doctors take time to check each and every pet thoroughly and offer outstanding services.

Vaccinations: For any pet, vaccinations are important as it can keep your pet healthy and safe and protects from any potential diseases.

Surgery/Hospital: The Vet Care provides a completely equipped clinic for surgery and it offers services, including radiology, dentistry, and laboratory services.

Nurse clinics: The qualified nurses at vet care can offer the best advice to the owner on a wide range of pet treatments and pet care concerns. They also provide weight management, Arthritis, puppy socializing classes, feeding, and more.

Drop off Service: You can leave your pet at vet care if you are not able to come at the consultation time. You can leave the pet and the staff will take care of your pet till you come to get your pet back home.

Deliveries: Also, the vet care facilitates you to get your pet’s favorite food or skin treatment products when you have no time to get them. All that you need to do is, call them and they can deliver your order quickly.


Retirement Villages

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Retirement Villages are communities’ complexes that offer residential facilities and residential aged care for older adults.  Currently, the retirement villages have been providing integrated levels of health care and providing RCA (Residential Care Accommodations) for the seniors who need support from caregivers. This RCA facilitates you in several ways, and even if your physical needs changes in due course, you can still stay in the same community.

The retirement villages are beneficial particularly for partners as they can stay at one place and attend each other needs or if one partner needs more support, they can stay in this RCA together. If you want to consider taking up the residential village accommodation, then you should get approval from ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) or ACAS in Victoria.

But, when you want to stay in the Retirement Village, you have to make separate payment for accommodation for residential care, and the payment is mandatory even if you are already staying in a retirement village. It is suggested to find if your entry payment can be refunded quickly so that you can pay the payment for accommodation. Also, inquire if you are eligible for state funding so that it can pay your residential aged care expenses.

Some people feel that their life starts after their retirements, in a way it is true, it’s a new stage of life that allows you to take a break from your hectic life and permits you to enjoy the rest of your life.  The retirement allows you to do whatever you like to do like gardening, participating in social group activities, or volunteering.  However you want to spend your retirements is equally important where you want to spend your retirement life, and more people prefer to live in a retirement village.

According to the 2014 report provided by the Property Council of Australia, shows that there are more than 2,300 retirement villages in Australia and over 184,000 seniors are living in the retirement villages. But, now, this figure might have doubled as more seniors opting to live in retirement villages.

The retirement villages are offering different types of accommodation options, facilities, and services. The facilities include golf courses, swimming pools, 24hr emergency assistance, and social events. Also, the retirement village is the best option for seniors as they can stay with the like-minded people in the community, and also they can enjoy the independent life and live their own lifestyle.

However, the living expenses are cheaper in retirement village as the same sized home in the same area is affordable. The retirement villages also provide rental properties, which mean you can enjoy all the benefits provided by the retirement village community without actually owning it.

Villas and ILUs:


Villas are also known as ILUs (Independent Living Units). These ILUs are designed for seniors who need a minimal or no assistance with the regular activities and allow you to enjoy all the benefits in the retirement community.

You can find one bedroom villa to four bedrooms villa in different designs and shapes, including terrace housing arrangements or medium or high-rise complex to semi-detached or stand alone building.


Benefits of getting iPhone repair

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Chances of iPhone being damaged are rare but people do face such situation sometimes. iPhone is quite costly and at that time, it becomes impossible to get a new iPhone. The LED screen being damaged is common and at that time, the user nearly thinks of iPhone repair so that they can use the phone again. Users are provided with different iPhone repair options, which they should go through before selecting the final one. Some of the benefits of repairing an iPhone are listed as under:

  1. Professional repairers at any time

When you want to get your iPhone repaired, the best part is that you will meet professionals who are expert in the field of repairing. Users just need to book an appointment with the professionals and depending on the severity of the problem, the professionals can solve the problem with ease. The warranty of iPhone may expire by the time you may go for the repair, but it would be done even after.


  1. Time taken is less

The time taken for iPhone repair is generally less. More complex problems might take around 4-5 business days for the repair but minor problems can be solved easily within a single day. The repairers can come to your place at the time when you want them to come. You can also visit shops, show your problems, and get all the solutions to it.


  1. Facility of mail in repairs

If your iPhone needs a repair within the warranty period, then you are also provided with the option of mail in repairs. You can contact Apple service provider for a shipping box where you will send your phone. After the service provider gets in touch with your broken phone, then they will repair it, which will take around 3-5 days and then send the phone back in the same shipping box that you used. This is very helpful for those who do not have a service centre in their city or town.


  1. DIY repairs

Users are also provided with the option of DIY repairs. It might cost around $150-200 if you go for DIY repairs. There you will get a replacement kit where you will be provided with the screen and other things, which you will need, for the repair. The DIY repair kits are available online which you can purchase easily and these are quite reasonable too.


Repairing your iPhone might be challenging and there might be chances that your phone might be destroyed in the process. You are also faced with the possibility that you might purchase a default replacement kit. That would not be of any use to you and you will have to pay money for that too. However, it is always better to repair your phone, rather than going for purchasing a new one. There are many service centres, which you will find in your city. You just need to find the trusted one and go to repair your phone. Purchasing is not always an option!