Myths about thinning hair


It will really be a scary matter for you if you find that after a single comb lot of hairs get attached to the comb. You can try several remedies to get rid of this matter. Sometimes the matter becomes so irritating that you can hardly come out of it. Apart from many homemade remedies, you can also try various types of treatments for your hair. They can give the best results. But most of the people have various types of myths in their mind. Let us try to explore some of them.

Myths that are responsible for hair loss:

There are certain myths that are always presumed to be responsible for hair loss. Let us try to find some of them.

  • There is a myth that if hair loss or thinning hair is genetically observed, then you will also experience the same. This is a general myth that is usually observed among many people.
  • There is also a strong myth that Minoxidil is the best one for your hair. It can prevent your hair from becoming thin. But the actual fact is that there are other medicines too, that can also help in this case. You can also try some low-level light therapy by using a special type of combs for your hair.
  • According to many, hair thinning is mainly caused due to the increase in age. Many people strongly believe that as your age increases, you will obviously experience hair thinning. But see hair thinning is a chronic problem and if proper steps are taken in time, then it can be prevented to a good extent.
  • Never panic on listening that shampoos can destroy or damage your hair. The actual fact is that shampoos do not affect the root. It simply washes the scalp. So you can easily use shampoos to clean your hair at least twice a week.
  • Many people also say that supplements can prevent hair thinning. But is it fine? If you take a good amount of vegetables, fruits or maintain a proper diet, then you can easily solve this problem. Then there will be a much lesser chance of taking supplements.

Myths that are sometimes true:

However, there are some myths that have been found to be true in many cases. It is found that some women consume birth control pills. They are sometimes responsible for hair thinning. This is true to some extent. Excessive consumption of birth control pills can bring some adverse effects and one of them is hair thinning.

So, sometimes it is correct. Even hormonal tablets are equally responsible for thinning of hairs. So, sometimes myths are found to be true. The main thing about it is the mentality of people. Never blame for anything. It may happen or it may not happen.

Hair thinning can be easily solved by following some simple diets and routine. Apart from this, there are many latest treatments that can be easily adapted to curb the problem to a good extent.